List of Books

We avid readers are so lucky.I can’t imagine being without my books both new and old.My list of children’s booksis almost endless and to choose THE top one too hard.I have a little grandniece whose mother says is me reincarnated as she steals away with a book and can’t be found.She has introduced me to the latest children’s series so you are never too old to enjoy a new adventure!

My son is autistic and not yet able to read. It breaks my heart to see him struggle to memorize words that 4 and 5 year olds can read. I’ve read a book a day almost every day since 7th grade and imagined all the books we would share together like my family did with me. He will be 13 soon and Can only process books on a kindergarten or first grade level. Please, if your kids can read inspire them to read with you, without you, past their bed times and books you may not agree with. Share quotes, read books that they recommend and discuss them, give books as gifts instead of cards and inscribe them. Leave slips of paper with words of love and encouragement for them to find in every book you can. Give them what my son may never have

every single child loves to read. It’s the support,motivation and time from parents these children are needed to bring out the best in them . My son loves reading, we read to him every single day since he was a baby, he just love reading. Very proud of him