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beefsteak tomato salad marinated red onion, bocconcini, cucumber, chives, lovage, lemon/mint vinaigrette 12

tacos lager/ancho braised pulled pork, black bean salsa, coriander 3/15

celeriac/carrot/onion pakoras lime, coriander yoghurt dipping sauce 10

grilled calimari polenta crouton, green olive salsa verde, grilled lemon 14

mezze for two   labneh w. dill – black olive tapenade – green tomato pickle
chunky quinoa taboulleh
falafel w. preserved lemon, tahini, pomegranate molasses
farro w. chives, pomegranate, green olives & feta
roasted sweet peppers – grilled vegetables, pita 22

dates stuffed w. gorgonzola and walnuts, apple tar 9

guacamole charred tomatillo salsa, crispy tortillas, coriander, lime 11



steak/salad seared ancho-rubbed tritip, grilled potato, tomato, avocado, sage/charred corn, reggiano vinaigrette 22

lapin braised in thyme, pancetta, green garlic, cream – served w. carrots and peas 26

crab cakes yellow beans w/ garlic confit & pine nuts, dunnville greens, sweet pepper aioli 24

cheddar cheeseburger/frites enright cattle co. lean grind, brioche bun, dill pickle, tomato 18

poussin sweet potato smashed w. feta & sage, cremini mushrooms and jus 21

linguine w/ mussels chopped plum tomato, garlic, parsley, chili xtra virgin oil, white wine and butter sauce 19

sides 9                frites, aioli                     mixed vegetables, olive oil, herbs