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All Day Menu

eggsmushroom omelette sautéed onions, asiago 13
avocado omelette, bacon, cheddar 13
soft-scramble eggs, asiago, chives, caramelized onions, truffle oil 15
above s/w green salad, multi-grain toast

2 not poached eggs all-day breakfast
multi grain toast, smoked bacon, home fries 13

banger, bacon, peameal full monty beans, tomato,
2 eggs fried your way, multi-grain toast, sautéed mushrooms, crispy home fries 17
two over easy huevos black bean/tomato salsa, avocado, grilled tortilla, chorizo15

challah mushrooms on toast poached egg, brie, chives, carmelized onions, basil oil 16

add frites/home fries 4

blueberry chutney grilled cheese brie
multi-grain 12, add bacon 2

tomato, lettuce, mayo, smoked bacon, avocado, roast chicken toasted club multi-grain, frites17

slow-roasted plum tomatoes avocado toast toasted brioche bun, over easy egg, chimichurri 12

open-faced chicken meatloaf toasted challah,
sautéed onions, over-easy egg 14

pulled lager-braised pork shoulder over-easy egg, charred tomatillo salsa, toasted brioche bun 13

 banana bread, apple butter 6
 boston baked beans or curry lentils 4
 frites, aioli 8
 home fries 4
 biscuits, apple butter 8
 latkes w. chives, sour cream or apple butter 7
 mashed avocado on toast 7
 multi-grain toast, red jam or apple butter 3
 falafel – tahini, date molasses, preserved lemon 6
 beefsteak tomato–fresh herbs, basil oil 6
 mushrooms sautéed w. sage and garlic 4
 oliffe sausages sweet / italian / lamb / chorizo 2 for 5
bangers, peameal, bacon 3 for 4.50

enright cattle co. grilled tritip, greens, 2 over easy, sliced tomatoes steak/frites toast 22

greens crab cakes frites, green tomato chutney, avocado mash 19

fattoush falafel, taboulleh, greens, pita, lemon/mint vinaigrette, parsley, chickpeas 16

poached eggs curry lentils lamb sausage, paratha, coriander16
chives, capers latkes/smoked salmon lemon, sour cream, dill, red onion 18

wild blueberry pancakes seasonal fruit, maple syrup 13

cinnamon/vanilla challah french toast mascarpone, mixed red berry sauce, maple syrup 13
add ice cream 2


rhubarb upside down cake, maple syrup, labneh
panettone pudding baked w. bourbon/maple sauce 9
clementine cake, spiced niagara fruit compote, crème brulee ice cream 9
affogato espresso over crème brulee ice cream 8

orange juice or cranberry mimosa 9.5
1 ¼ oz. tag vodka bloody caesar or mary 8
glass of good red, white or rose wine 9
ask to see the wines by the glass list, thanks
draught 500 ml. 7 conductors craft ale
sidelaunch wheat beer
great lakes brewery lager
pompous ass english ale 5
btls.and tall cans 5
mcauslan apricot wheat
junction session ale
muskoka brewery cream ale
spearhead moroccan brown ale 6

fresh mint tea, lemon & honey 4.50

teas fields of green
english breakfast
classic earl grey orange pekoe of york 3.50

drip coffee, espresso, americano/decaf 3
cappuccino 4
latte 4.25 soya milk available

fresh orange juice 4.50 ltr. 16
litre bottle magda seltzer 5
juice cranberry tomato apple 3
coke diet coke ginger ale iced tea 3

jars small
cash or debit payments please
no outside food/drink please
inform wait staff of food aversions before ordering please
nuts in kitchen
to ensure better service, a max.of 2 cheques per table
free-run birds + hormone-free beef, local when seasonal
everything, except Hellmans and Heinz, made here
no sysco/gfs
quality! whether you want it or not
yes! we have gift certificates

spring hours
dinner menu wed – sun, from 5.30
all-day menu fri/sat/sun 10 – 3, some holidays 10 –2
wi-fi, Edwards1290