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All Day Menu


add frites/home fries 3 s/w. greens

blueberry chutney & brie grilled cheese walnut bread 12   add bacon 2

tomato, lettuce, basil mayo, smoked bacon, avocado saratoga triple-decker club roast chicken, toasted whole wheat, frites 17

roasted tomatoes avocado toast toasted sesame bun, over easy egg, chimichurri 12

sesame/challah bun blt over easy egg, peameal, asiago, sriracha mayo 10

avocado, roast chicken tomato, scrambled egg, cheddar, toasted multi-grain 12

sandwich sides 

two slices banana bread, maple butter 5

4 cheddar/chive bisquits, apple butter 7

boston baked beans or curry lentils 4

frites, aioli 8

green salad 7

toast w. red jam or apple butter – whole wheat,  multi-grain, challah, gf, muesli, 3

3 big herbaceous falafel balls w. tahini, date molasses, preserved lemon 6

beefsteak tomato, sea salt, fresh herbs, basil oil 6

mashed avocado, black bean salsa, crispy pita 8

mushrooms sautéed w. sage and garlic 4

2 sweet Italian, lamb sausages, bangers or chorizo or  3 slices peameal or smoked bacon 4.50

fresh eggs, bodacious fritatta

s/w salad, single thick slice buttered multi-grain toast

mushroom, carmelized onions, asiago omelette 13

avocado, bacon, cheddar omelette 13

spinach, tomato/basil sauce, sweet peppers, grana padano fritatta 14

soft-scramble eggs, asiago, chives, caramelized onions, truffle oil 15

a daily ‘omelette and a glass of wine’ 20

side home fries – sea salt, herbs &olive oil  4

add frites 3

enright cattle co. grilled tritip, greens, over easy, sliced tomatoes steak/frites toast 21

2 not poached eggs, multi grain toast, smoked bacon, home fries 13

pacific salmon cakes frites, green tomato chutney, avocado mash 17

smoked bacon,baked beans aged cheddar/sage bisquits 11

banger, bacon full montybeans, tomato, 2 not poached eggs cooked in butter, multi-grain toast, sautéed mushrooms, crispy home fries 16

dried & fresh fruit granola greek yoghurt, wild blueberry sauce, wildflower honey11

two over easy huevos black bean salsa, avocado, tomato, grilled tortilla, sour cream, chorizo 14

poached eggs curry lentils lamb sausage, paratha, coriander, toasted cumin 16

tomato/basilsauce italian sausage poached eggs, sage/cheddar biscuit, home fries 16

toasted challah cremini mushrooms poached egg, danish blue cheese, chives, carmelized onions, basil oil 15

all-beef ancho chili sour cream, cheddar s/w daily green veg & toast 14

steelhead norweigan smoked salmon, chives, capers, lemon, sour cream latkes dill, red onion 17

cinnamon/vanilla french toast mascarpone + spiced niagara peaches 14

wild blueberry pancakes maple syrup 14

+ slice bacon, vanilla ice cream 2

daily vegetable soup

toasted challah 7

one litre to go 9

cashor debit only for this menu…the banks are richer than you think…no outside food, adding/changing some things sometimes costs more, pls. inform waitstaff of food aversions before ordering, nuts in kitchen, to ensure better service, a max.of 2 cheques per table, free-run birds + hormone-free beef, local when seasonal, organic where affordable or, from the dunnville farm all growing season long everything, except Hellmans and Heinz made here, no sysco quality, whether you want it or not! yes! we have gift certificates @edwards1290