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1290 Queen Street East Toronto, ON



Edward’s 1290 is located in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood.

Since 2002 we’ve been serving up the best steak frites in the city alongside American, Canadian, and French classics… remixed with fresh ingredients, herbs, flavored oils and spices – a little less salt, fat and sugar for the modern palette. The ‘lemons-make –lemonade’ menu changes on a consistent basis utilizing seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs from the non-certified organic garden and greenhouse one hour away outside Dunnville.

The open kitchen at the front of the restaurant leaves all to be seen….not all flash and gash, but cooking talent.

We purchase all our grain-fed beef from Enright cattle company, a small, family-owned farm outside Tweed. Each cut delivered weekly and never frozen.

All chicken, duck and turkey used are free run and purchased from John and Wendy.

All produce used is as local as can be for a seasonal-focused menu and organic where affordable.

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